Alternate GuitarToolkit Lite Icons

The process of actually building GuitarToolkit Lite was a piece of cake, as it’s simply a subset of the full GuitarToolkit feature set. GTKL is for iPod Touch (first generation) users, as this particular device doesn’t have a microphone, and thus can’t serve as a tuner. We simply specified a new XCode target, and created a compiler directive and conditionally built all Tuner functionality.

Honestly, the hardest part of the entire process was picking an icon. We’ve gotten some pretty good feedback on the full GTK icon (we’ve even heard mention of one gent who bought the app simply to have the icon on his home screen).

For Lite, we definitely wanted something that was “weaker”, as it really is a lesser product than the full version. What did weaker mean when compared to the full version? Color? Theme? Size?

GTK Lite Picks

The burst didn’t hold up as a realistic pick type. The black star felt promising as it was fairly neutral, but still interesting. The celluloid had promise too, but the transparency of the real life version dictated some type of complex lighting show through that just didn’t work on the iPhone home screen. The glowing pick looked fantastic at high res on a black backdrop, but fell apart at 57×57.

End the end, the blue star was the clear winner. It held up at all sizes, felt weaker than the GTK flames and is nice and simple.

GTK Lite Icon